Saying I Do to Fall Wedding Flowers

Fall is the season for cuddling by the fire, roasting marshmallows with the people you care about and enjoying festivities outside in the cool, crisp air. It is the season where falling in love is found in many capacities.

Choosing which season to say “I do” may be a different process for every couple. Does the traditional seasonal colors and flowers go with your wedding color scheme and aesthetic? That is just one of many important questions that should be answered by setting a date.

There are many positive aspects of having a fall wedding. The weather is a mild to medium temperature that allows us to recover from summer heat and mentally prepare for winter’s frost. Not only is the temperature ideal- the venue options are endless. Plus, wedding dress shopping is made easy as the weather could call for sleeves or even a sleeveless dress with an optional shawl.

If you are one of the blushing duos who choose to say “I do” in the fall, let us help make the planning process easier by breaking down what you need to know about choosing your fall wedding flowers.


Choosing Fall Wedding Flowers

Picking wedding flowers is like picking your pumpkin on a cool autumn day. You sort through your options to find what is right for you. The anticipated final product takes some thought and action for execution, and instead of finding your seasonal décor, you are finding your autumn wedding ceremony décor.

Pick Your Patch

To properly pick your wedding flowers, be willing to look through bunches. Take some time to find a local wedding florist that is right for you. Check each florist’s work samples to see if you like their work. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, so you won’t regret your choice.

It is also a good idea to do a little homework ahead of time. You may already have some wedding Pinterest boards prepped and ready to share. Any extra info or visual you can share during the consultation will help your potential wedding florist understand what you are looking for.

Consultations give you and your potential wedding florist a feel for each other and the vision you have for your big day.

Once you come to an understanding of the style you long for and the overall look you want to accomplish for your wedding, it is important to consider these factors when finalizing your fall wedding flowers.

In-Season Fall Wedding Flowers

Yes, style is important when it comes to your wedding flowers, but in order to have wedding flowers that are looking their best, it is important to know what flowers are in season. This helps to ensure availability at the best quality.

For the eager duo looking to embrace all aspects of a fall wedding, fall colors should be on your mind. Oranges, reds and even deep purples may just be the recipe for the perfect fall flowers for the big day, but what are the best fall wedding flowers?

The good news- you have plenty of options. These options include the sophisticated Asiatic lily, roses, gerberas, calla lilies, alstroemeria, mums, dahlias and more. Your wedding florist should be able to give you options for what works best with your wedding’s style, what will meet your budget and what florals pair best together.

Foliage is also a very popular option for fall wedding flower designs. Talk with your florist about what foliage is available. Some beautiful options for filler flowers in the fall are waxflower, Limonium, hypericum and statice.

After you pick the colors and florals that meet your preference, it is important to discuss what design styles you like and the quantity you need with your wedding florist.

Fall Wedding Flower Designs for Your Big Day

Determine what types of wedding designs you two want and/or need for the big day, how many designs are needed and your overall budget for wedding florals. This is applicable to any wedding of any season.

Your flower recipe will remain consistent overall to ensure cohesion. If you have the details ready, your florist will be able to help you determine what you will need during the consultation.

Wedding and Bridal Bouquets

Bridal bouquets are one of the most detailed pieces of floral art at a wedding. Every other floral design will be a reflection or a complement to it. To properly say “I Do” to your fall wedding flowers, you’ll need to iron out the details of the bridal bouquet.

A bride carrying flowers on her wedding day dates to ancient times. One example comes from ancient Rome. Flower garlands were worn by brides, as it was symbolic of new beginnings and a hope of fertility.

The Victorian era was the turning point for wedding flowers. It was during this time that flowers evolved into the bridal bouquet. Each flower had a different meaning and was a tie to romantic love. The flowers the bride carried became “her flowers” for the rest of her life.

In today’s times, many of the older traditions have been forgotten. Choosing wedding flowers has become more about the beauty and style found from the colors, fragrance and final shape. It is the ultimate wedding day accessory, and it is a way for the bride to express her personality, her style and add the final complement to her gown.

Choosing a bridal bouquet is much more than having to determine the flower recipe. You’ll need to determine the style or the physical assembly that you prefer. Two options include the hand-tied bouquet or the cascade bouquet. Do you prepare a tighter design or a flowing piece? What you choose should accent your wedding dress.

It doesn’t stop there. What is a bridal bouquet without something to complement the groom too?

Boutonnieres and Corsages

The boutonniere is a small yet beautiful way to distinguish the important male figures at a wedding: fathers, grandfathers, stepfathers, ring bearers, etc. It is typically very similar or composed of the same flower recipe as the bridal bouquet. It should accent the groom's attire and match the bride’s bouquet too.

Bridesmaids have their own bouquets to carry with them down the aisle. They are usually a smaller version of the bride’s bouquet and accent both their dress and hers. As for the rest of the important female figures at the wedding, they are typically adorned with floral corsages or broaches. In the same way as the boutonniere, they are used to recognize the important women at the wedding.

Extra Petals

If you are a bride and groom who are looking to use some extra petals for your tables at the reception, as a sendoff after the wedding, for your flower girl or a DIY product as a wedding memento, be sure to communicate that with your wedding florist.

Your florist should be able to save some stems or repurpose some fallen petals for such reasons. To do so, they must know that it is a desire of yours. Discuss it during your consultation or as soon as possible, so monies, product and time can be factored in.

Centerpieces, Arches and Accessories

There are a variety of options when it comes to choosing wedding flowers and fall wedding decor. Your venue is going to be the biggest component. Convey the major wedding details like location and theme to your florists to ensure you get the adequate floral décor for your wedding day. Plus, wedding florists are tasked to be knowledgeable in the industry. They can help communicate any obstacles you may face and work toward a solution.

Talk with your florist about reusing your wedding bouquets into centerpieces for the reception and determine what additional designs will be needed. Floral arches are typically designated for the wedding ceremony. They can be as simplistic or as intricate as you would like but be sure to finalize the fall flowers you choose are available for the remaining wedding flowers for your big day.

Take comfort in the fact that some of the most mesmerizing wedding photos stem from the depth of the colors of an Autumn wedding ceremony and reception décor.

Fall Wedding Flowers: What’s the Difference?

Truly, the only major differences between fall wedding flowers compared to wedding flowers from any other season are the color, style and the blooms that are in-season. If you are knowledgeable about what it is that you want, your wedding florist will help connect the dots.

It is important, regardless of the season that you choose to hold your wedding, that you fall in love with your wedding flowers. For the brides choosing fall wedding flowers, follow these tips when planning your fall wedding with your florist.

Our florists at Fairytale Floral serving areas around North Little Rock, AR are here to help you pick the fall wedding flowers that are just right for your wedding. From the perfect bridal bouquet to fall wedding reception ideas, let us help make saying “I Do” to fall wedding flowers easy for you.

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