Rose Care 101


If you have a rose arrangement and are just not sure what to do with it, look no further. It is one thing to buy or receive a beautiful rose flower arrangement. It is another to know what to do after you have it.

Anytime you receive a rose bouquet, you are receiving a piece of someone’s heart for you. Roses carry a lot of meaning. Its meaning can be cherished longer when the bouquet is properly taken care of. Just like any flower bouquet, it requires a little extra attention to ensure longevity. Ensure your rose arrangements live and flourish longer with these rose care tips.

Roses: Everything You Need to Know

Keep it clean.

When it comes to keeping your roses looking their best, it is important to give them the best. If you couldn't drink it, neither should your plants. It is so important to keep both your plant’s home (aka vase or container) and the water it is drinking clean.

The condition of both your roses’ home and its hydration will gravely affect its lifespan. Clean the inside of the vase with warm water to help remove any debris. You can even use a clean bottle brush to gently wipe away any excess. This is a useful tool to help care for roses.

One fact that is additionally important to the container's cleanliness is the amount of water inside it. It is important to keep your vase filled to the brim with fresh, clean water. Flowers drink water more in the first 24 hours than any other time, so it is crucial to fill the vase up as needed on day 1. After the initial drinking, change your rose’s water every other day to ensure it is clean.

Don’t forget to feed your roses. The flower food your local florist provides is there to ensure your roses look and live their best. Be sure to read the directions on the back. There is a flower food to water ratio that needs to be accounted for. It is the inside that counts. What we ingest gravely affects our health, and the same applies to roses and other florals. You get what you give. When you take that extra step, your roses will repay you.

Although these are simple and effective tips for rose care, rose maintenance extends from these basics.

How-to Tips for Maintaining Your Roses’ Beauty

Recut your stems to help your roses drink. If your roses stop drinking, it will decrease their lifespan. By cutting your rose stems at a 45-degree angle, you will give them a fresh start and a new “angle” on life. It is a key element when it comes to how to care for cut roses. This can be done every few days. Coordinate it with your watering schedule. With every cut, you give your roses the chance to drink up, so they are hydrated.

When removing the flowers from the bouquet to change the water, be sure to hold them by their stems to avoid damaging the flowers. You can arrange the flowers in your hand before placing them back into the bouquet. The roses’ stems can be cut at different lengths to better fill the vase. It is best to talk with your local florist about specifics, so you don’t damage your florals or alter your preferred design.

Proper maintenance of your roses should be incorporated into your routine. One way to be sure your roses’ water stays cleaner and for longer is by removing any greenery or floral that is submerged in the water. The only thing that should be in the water is the stems.

Also, be sure to keep a close eye on any wilting buds. They can be removed for a facelift, better yet a bud lift. Carefully pluck away the blemishes for a more vibrant look and a healthier rose bouquet. One bad apple can spoil the bunch, after all.

Go Above and Beyond for a Vibrant Rose Bouquet.

Any and all these tips are vital when it comes to keeping your rose bouquet looking its best. If you want to be able to cherish your rose bouquet for longer, you must go above and beyond letting it sit stationary in one place. This applies to the care it is given and the vitamin D it needs.

Roses are beautiful and exude an ambiance like no other. These tips apply to most flower arrangements. Your local florist will know care tips that will fit your specific design or florals of choice. This is just one reason why going to a trusted florist is important.

Your local florist is there to help ensure you get the most out of your rose bouquets. Do your own research, but always ask for a professional opinion when it comes to the vibrancy of your bouquet.

Be Knowledgeable but Listen to The Professionals.

Knowledge is power. That applies to every and any situation. With knowledge, we can see things in a new light. Do your research, but never underestimate the power of learning something from someone who has been there before you. It is always useful to get the knowledge straight from the source.

Ask your local florist any questions you may have when it comes to rose bouquet care or for ways to keep your roses alive longer. A florist's heart and hands were hard at work to create a design just for you from someone you love. Let us help you take care of it. Just like you, we want you to get the most out of your bouquet. This is because when your bouquet thrives, our dream, passion and vision live on.

If you are the one looking to send a rose bouquet to someone, talk to your local florist about your options. Different roses colors convey different messages, and a rose bouquet can be personalized to include the recipient’s favorite flower, color, etc. Knowing these care tips will help you help the recipient enjoy their gift for longer.

Our team at Fairy Tale Florals in North Little Rock, AR, are happy to answer any rose care questions you or the person you are sending to may have. Even more special than the design itself is the person who went out of their way to send the flowers. Make that sweet gesture last by taking a little extra time to cherish it.

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