Ideas for Holiday Weddings


Till death do us part... of a Halloween wedding? Holiday weddings are a growing trend. From the bride who has a twisted love for the spooky days and pumpkin nights of Halloween to the one who grew up wishing for snowflakes to hit her hair as she walked down the aisle on Christmas, there are many ideas for Holiday weddings, and no holiday is left unappreciated. Our favorites to cover include Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Let’s get one thing straight- holiday weddings don’t have to be on the holiday itself. The desire for a holiday wedding could be based on the love for the holiday or the premise in which it was created. Before we break down how to plan a holiday wedding, there are a few pros and cons that we need to address.

Choosing a wedding on or around a holiday can help fill your guest list. Some people will have extra time off around the holidays, so planning a wedding near Christmas may be ideal. It may help you as the bride and groom too, you won’t have to take as many personal days off because there will already be set days off.

Holiday weddings can also break your guest list. Some people are required to work more during the holidays. This makes taking off to go to a wedding nearly impossible. Plus, the holidays are typically the costliest time of the year. With travel, gifts and prior engagements in the works for holidays, many people will not be able to attend.

These points reign especially true for Christmas weddings. If you are planning on having a winter wedding with a Christmas theme, you may have better attendance. If you are dead set on having a holiday wedding, consider your options because you’ll have a theme built-in with these holiday wedding ideas.

Spooky "I Dos" for a Halloween Wedding

Till death do us part takes on a new meaning when it comes to a Halloween wedding. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is for some people. Halloween weddings maybe some of the most creative weddings. Walk down the aisle to your boo and say I do.

Go to the extreme or keep it mild. Have fun with it and tell guests to dress up in costumes or limit them to a certain theme. They can dress in all black while you walk down in white or even red if you are looking to make a statement. The versatility for a Halloween wedding is beyond what most, if not all, holiday weddings offer.

It is every kid’s dream. Incorporate a dessert bar to your wedding with a wide range of your favorite Halloween candies. This may be the most fun and dare we say, delicious Halloween wedding idea. Cake toppers can be your favorite characters from your favorite movie or cartoon. A Halloween wedding can be a wide variety of themes or simply deemed as Halloween.

Dress your bridesmaids and flower girl up in your Halloween color of choice. You can even consider wearing a colored gown yourself. Grey and deep colors are best used to convey the overall emotion and style of a Halloween wedding. Plus, it is perfectly acceptable to wear dramatic makeup.

Another fun part of planning a Halloween wedding is the flowers. Halloween-based flowers are exactly the grim you need to pull this wedding theme off. Talk with us about paring blood-red calla lilies, black feathers, and dark lilies to create a daringly killer look to your bouquets. This style is easily transitioned into your centerpieces, boutonnieres, and other floral displays. The key to Halloween-styled wedding flowers is the deep colors and spooky accents.

Be My Valentine... Forever. A Valentine's Day Wedding

Be my Valentine for the rest of our lives. Ensure he will never forget your anniversary with a wedding day that no one can forget. A Valentine’s Day wedding is undeniably romantic.

If you are looking for Valentine’s Day wedding ideas, forget about having to decide on a style. Romantic roses of any color are THE choice for a Valentine’s Day wedding, but adjustments can be made to fit your style. This holiday is already adorned with hearts, romance and all things beautiful. Is there any wedding more filled with love than Valentine’s Day weddings?

Finding accents for Valentine’s Day wedding décor is easy. Go as large or as simple as your heart desires but be sure to personalize the decor to fit your love story. You can even consider switching out your white wedding dress for a soft blush and your bridesmaids’ dresses for a bold red. These styles both accent and embody the beauty of the holiday.

The rose is often considered the top of the hierarchy for flowers. It also reigns true for the most popular flower on Valentine’s Day. While roses are an ideal choice for a Valentine’s Day wedding, there are other options that convey an equally beautiful scene. Some of the most commonly picked flowers for Valentine’s Day weddings are carnations, tulips, and calla lilies. All these stems are both romantic and bold enough to convey a message of love for a Valentine’s Day wedding while maintaining a bit of unpredictability. Remember to talk to your local wedding florist well in advance to order your wedding flowers.

All I Want for Christmas is to Marry You. A Christmas Wedding

What could be more magical than a Christmas wedding? How one’s Christmas looks often varies depending on geographic location and overall tradition. Whether you are hosting your wedding on Christmas or just near it, the concepts for design are relatively the same. The urge for a Christmas wedding may stem from the love of the holiday or simply from the magic of the season. Whichever applies to you is of no less importance.

It is best to avoid hosting a wedding on Christmas unless you are hosting a very small, personal gathering. However, you could always bring the magic of the season into any winter day wedding. Some of the most popular ways are by incorporating the right colors. Burgundy and brown, red and white, moss and olive greens and blues and deep purples all compliment a winter wedding color palette. These are all ideal styles to help find inspiration when searching for Christmas wedding ideas.

To fit one of the appropriate winter color palettes into your wedding flowers, talk with us about your options. Some of your options for flowers and accents involve but are not limited to poinsettias, peonies, roses, berries, and mistletoe. It will vary on your preference for seasonal festivity or simply by the color palette you choose. Either option is something that can be worked through with your local wedding florist.

Perhaps the intrigue of winter weddings stems from the beauty of the season. A winter wedding offers a beautiful scenic backdrop with a fresh, crisp air. It is also a great time to give your soon-to-be spouse his or her first gift for Christmas. Have it in the room they’ll be waiting in before the wedding. Have it wrapped with mistletoe as the bow for a romantic twist. Personalize the card with the message, “I can’t wait to kiss you as my husband/wife.” Take it a step further by personalizing a stunning bouquet that you can both take home. The memory is bound to flourish in both your hearts and minds. Plus, your home will be better for it.

It's the Start to a New Year and a Happily Ever After. A New Year's Eve Wedding

New year, new me and a new bride to be... “My new year's resolution is to fall in love with you every day for the rest of our lives.” Who says you can’t stick to a New Year’s resolution?

Hosting a wedding on New Year’s Eve is often deemed wonderful by guests. Everyone is already in a party mood, and how sweet is it to have your New Year’s kiss at a wedding... your wedding?

New Year’s Eve is a big party. Party into the new year and your new marriage with the best people by your side. Plus, fireworks go off at midnight, making for a great photo op. It is easy to have fun with a New Year's Eve wedding. Sometimes the best New Year’s Eve wedding ideas branch off the holiday and all the sparkle that comes along with it. Bridesmaid dresses can be as sparkly as your heart desires, and décor can be as glitz and glam as the party calls for. Among other things, New Year's Eve décor is all about the champagne, photo props, and countdown clocks.

A New Year's Eve wedding is a day to celebrate love and a year full of growth and possibilities. The road to life is open, and you are getting behind the wheel without a distinct path in mind. This makes white flowers a possible New Year's Eve wedding game-changer. White represents purity and cleanliness. You are starting a new year, on a fresh slate, with the person who you love most. It is a heart pleasing concept for sure.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue... Christmas? Ideas for holiday weddings can vary, but there is one common factor involved, no matter which holiday you choose to embrace. They are all meaningful and carry a different significance to each person and every couple. If you are looking for how to plan a holiday wedding, look no further. Their inspiration is found in your perception of the holiday and why you chose to forever tie it to your special day in the first place.

Our event florists at Fairy Tale Florals in North Little Rock, AR are here to help you plan out your dream holiday wedding. Talk with us about your preference in color and style, and we will help with the rest. Book your consultation with your local wedding florist and wedding planner as soon as you can because holidays fill up quickly. Planning a holiday wedding early is essential to ensure everything goes as planned. Be sure to send out invites early, so family and friends can be there. Be sure to be open about what you want because your local wedding florist wants to help you celebrate in the best and most meaningful way.

Honestly, what better way is there to get married than when everyone is celebrating along with you? We’ll wait...

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